What does it mean that God is spirit?

God is invisible. We cannot see or touch him, apart from seeing the God-man Jesus face to face. God is everywhere, which means that anyone, anywhere can cry out to him. In every room, I can turn around and know that his presence is there.

And his presence is not just outside. He is living in me through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit interceeds with my spirit (heart) and the Father and Son. The Spirit teaches me how to pray, he makes me aware of God’s presence. He burdens my heart to match his. He convicts me when I sin. He makes me uncomfortable in complacency. He sings his love over my anxiety. He gives me peace which passes all understanding. He breaks through the noise of my day and enlightens my understanding of his Word.

God knows all my thoughts. He knows all my unformed thoughts that I have set to think. He knows all of my desires, sinful and righteous, even if I am not aware of them yet.

In conclusion, when scripture says that God is spirit, I think it means that God is not physical. He is around me and inside me. I am living in the presence of a Holy God, at all times, even when I am not aware of him. He is so near to us, we’re just far from him.

I must live each day knowing that I am in the presence of God; at work, at home, among friends and family.