You can't 'try out' Jesus

Jesus is not one solution of many that you can try out. The Gospel is not an appeal to try Jesus, it is a command to submit to Jesus. Trying out Jesus is an offense to His Lordship. You can try out a president. If they don’t live up to the expectations, just vote for a different candidate. Jesus is not a president; He is Lord, King, God. He has and will forever be King over everything, whether you acknowledge it or not.

There will be those who bow their knee to Jesus, who submit to Him as Lord of their lives, and there will be those who do not. Trying out Jesus is pretending that He is just another president, not Lord. Those who ‘try out’ Jesus, who are half-in-half-out, are not submitting to Jesus as Lord. They are giving Jesus lip-service while remaining lord over their own lives.

The Gospel is firstly a call to submit to Jesus as Lord. The confession of every believer is the same: Jesus is Lord.

But what does it mean that Jesus is Lord? Submitting to Jesus is simply a recognition that “I am not my own” and a choice to follow Him in every area of your life.

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